Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: 420,000.00

  • Park Distance Control, front and rear On Board Handbook containing comprehensive Vehicle information featuring on board diagnosi service monitoring system
  • Dynamic cruise control with speed regulation thi braking feature
  • Driving Assistant Systems with: Lane Departure Warning with Active Braking, Drive Recorder, Ba Camera, Head Up Display and Park Assist Aluminum Spaceframe Structure
  • Two Separately Excited Synchronous Motors (S: power 430 kW (584 hp) and 660 Ib-ft torque 120 kWh Lithium-lon battery
  • Rolls-Royce Independent Air Suspension
  • Rolls-Royce All-Wheel Drive
  • Rolls-Royce All-Wheel Steering
  • Vehicle security system featuring interior motio immobilization
  • Rolls-Royce LED Headlights
  • LED side (parking) and rear lights
  • Heated rear window, rain-sensing variable-spee Light alloy wheels and low rolling resistance tire: alert
  • Power-assisted ventilated disc brakes (all-wheel)

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